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Upgrade your apartment with these easy DIY ideas

Does your room seems boring to you? Don't worry, we've got it covered! Here are some crazy cool crafts and DIYs that will definitely leave you inspired. Just prepare some cement and polymer clay.

DIY lamp stand
If even Ikea lamp stands look boring to you, it is time to create something unique. Take 10-12 old books that you won't read anymore and mix a bowl of cement. Put the books in the cement mixture one by one and then place them one on another randomly to create a column. Let dry. Well done! Now you can put your lamp on this unique handmade lamp stand that makes your room look so cozy :)

Easy planters
Do you like plants and flowers in your house? So do we! However, common planters may look boring. Here is a simple DIY idea for you. Take a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning and fill them in with some cement. Put both gloves in a big bowl to create a round shape and let dry. Carefully cut off and remove the gloves. Fill the cement hands with ground ans plant your favorite flowers. By the way, it can be a really nice gift idea for your family and friends.

Watch the video for more DIY cement home decor ideas.

00:47 DIY lamp stand from old books
02:38 An easy and lovely way to reuse old light bulbs
05:25 Cute little candle holders
07:10 Amazing garden decor from old toys
10:29 Handmade polymer clay ideas

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How to make Flower Pots with OLD CLOTHES||Flower pot||cement pot || POPPY VLOGS



Ambu Ambu : Really beautiful plant pot, awesome idea, loved it
Suja Hari : really a useful one
Vegetable Eater : wow, the brilliant idea looks so nice, thanks for sharing
Aa Na : Great job dear
Shamil Karanjery : Useful video




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