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my SML peach lamborghini is destroyed... fmI

Well its destroyed and Walgreens fired me so I can't afford a new one... what should I do with it now?

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James Bates : People are only here to roast chilly
DIEGO GONZALEZ : Yay we missed u chiliy
mythical G : Cloud chaser
Real Nigga : ew poor
pro fingerboarder : Lil tay 2020
pro fingerboarder : Ewwwwwwwwwwww chilly
Mr.Goodman : EW POOR HOUSE
Super Ytube : So first you break the law by stealing
TGB _isaac57 : Hey chilly are you still going be doing Youtube?
Nonameorpika Friends : I will aways respect titto

Chilly's NEW JOB After Quitting YouTube!

Well this is what it boils down to huh Teeds? @Titototter

I just got fired at my job, anyone know of any places hiring?
Shoutout too Walgreens!! I enjoyed working for you.
Tito.. the car wash biz isn't for you

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Dragonkiller : 0:45 when your girl says that she home alone
Darnell Burnett : SOoo coronavirus dose not exist anymore no mask rubbing on the floor
꧁Kayla Rodriguez꧂ : 1:02 Its 2020 and you dab?
Oscar vlogs Official : Do you guys still live in pensacola cause that like a walgreens in miami
Joethecat playz : EW POOR ! copied
Cayden Jones : STUPID THIS IS WHACK!!!!!!@
Jonathan Kirby : I love you Chilly!❤️ Your personality is the best, Wanna be friends??
anime moments : Guys I think its better if u like to
Kris Sirg : I think an escort service near by is hiring you should check that out
Norskit _ : Man im actually gonna miss tito


He just needed to finish his video back at the SML house!! Its a valid reason to sneak inside, right?

Check out his channel -
Mr. Goodman : EW POOR
Professor Kombat : i
Creating with Henley : You put me click Brighton
Creating with Henley : I’m telling him
Uncle Fester : Lol
You’re average weeb : So breaking and entering
King Red Bat : Chilly swears now? She is not the same sweet girl anymore
32 CansOfBeans : This is just straight illegal
Peep Egg : 0:50
THE DARKNIGHT2019 : Run Tito




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